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Kentaro Miura, who also created the accompanying drawings, is the author of the dark fantasy manga series known as Berserk. The plot revolves around the characters of Guts, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of a band of mercenaries known as the Band of the Hawk. It takes place in a dark fantasy world. The scene is a divine universe set in medieval Europe. The novel covers both the most noble and the most abhorrent facets of human nature; as a result, it is replete with themes of both community and solitude, as well as the question of whether humanity as a whole is basically good or horrible. Both the anime and the manga have drawn attention for their use of brutal violence and explicit sexual content.

Blood in the manga series Berserk
The Hawks are initially lauded as heroes for their role in stopping the century-long conflict that had been causing havoc on the state of Midland when Guts leaves the Hawks to follow his own ideas. Griffith’s dreams of one day controlling his own kingdom, however, are destroyed in the process. The King’s daughter, Charlotte, is the object of Griffith’s advances while he serves a year in prison for failing to accept the loss of his wife. Since Guts learnt about this and assisted the forbidden remnants of the Hawks to rescue Griffith, Griffith has been reduced to a mute shell of his former self. Griffith has been horrifically scarred ever since. He accidentally activates the behelit on his guy and his desires show that there is simply too much for Griffith to think about in terms of understanding his body since the weight is too much for him to carry. This directs the Hawks to a different plane where they come across four archdemons known as the God Hand working for the Eclipse. The apostles, who, like Zodd, have abandoned humanity and their nearest and dearest for the might of the God Hand, beckon Griffith to surrender his men to them. Griffith is able to accomplish his goal of leading the God Hand by accomplishing this, making him the group’s final member. Guts watches as his fellow troops are cruelly butchered, despite the fact that the unnamed Skull Knight saves him and his beloved Casca from certain death. Guts continues to see the deaths of his fellow troops, though. Intestines loses an eye and an arm as a result of being raped by the reincarnated Griffith, now known as Femto, while Casca becomes insane as a result of the ordeal.

The first Berserk manga was released to the public by Miura in 1988.
After running into Farnese of the Holy Iron Chain Knights of the Holy See Church, Guts experiences a torture nightmare that ends with Griffith having his physical type returned. With the aid of his new allies, Guts transports Casca to the elven country of Elfhelm for safety, while Griffith establishes a second Band of the Hawk and enlists Zodd and other Apostles to fight the advancing Kushan army. Griffith wants to stop the Kushan invasion. The destruction of the Kushan emperor and the fusion of the supernatural and natural worlds mark the culmination of the war between the monarch and Griffith, a rebellious missionary. With the support of the Pope and Princess Charlotte, Griffith takes control of Midland because he is no longer endangered by good or evil. In order to defend the residents of Midland against the increasingly frequent raids by wonderful animals, he also founds the city of Falconia.

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